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Because of its size, India is home to a wide range of different environments, from high, snow-capped mountains to tropical rainforests and from hot and cold deserts and scrub land to lush, fertile plains and valleys. These environments provide a great variety of habitats for India's rich wild life.
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Ayurveda Oil TherapyIndian Wildlife - Home to some of the most exotic wildlife

India is home to some of the most exotic wildlife and endangered species of animals and birds bordering on the brink of extinction, in the world. It is the only home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros, and the Asiatic Lion which is rated the most endangered large carnivore, to name a few. A flag bearer of preservation and propagation of bio-diversity, India has declared about 1,48,850 sq km of its territory as protected area in an endeavor to preserve its exotic wildlife.

And the incredible feature of these amazing conservatories of exotic wildlife is that they are home to the largest number of tigers and the largest number of one-horned rhinoceros in the world, as well as the almost extinct Asiatic Lion, and a large percentage of the total elephant population! And these particular animal species are but a part of more than 500 species of mammals, over 2000 species of birds, over 500 species of reptiles and amphibians and around 30000 species of insects!

Indian Wildlife Tours Wildlife in India
If the thought of a wildlife tour in India evokes images of dark, dense jungles, crackling campfires, nights in tents, and sends shivers of trepidation and excitement down your spine, you are not far from the truth. For wildlife safaris in India are enthralling adventures that give you a glimpse of the jungle way of life and the raw power of nature, close at hand.

The wilderness can be intimidating, and it is best that you do not wander far from the group. For who knows which beast could be hiding in the undergrowth? A wildlife tour in India is an experience that is hard to replace or repeat. The wildlife tours are exciting packages that let you explore the Indian wilds.

The leading National park/ scentuary of the country are

Corbett National Park: Wildlife in India
Spot the tiger as it suns itself in the Corbett National Park. It is here that the 'Project Tiger' was launched to save India's dwindling tiger population. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, it offers an excellent view of the different kinds of wildlife. Species found here include elephant, the Himalayan black beer, varieties of lesser cats and other animals.

Ranthambore Sanctuary:
Tigers are the prize attraction of the Ranthambore sanctuary that can be spotted here in their natural habitat especially during the daytime. Spend some time here watch wild boar, chinkaras, porcupine and even tigers at their natural pursuits. The park also hosts a variety of birds that include both seasonal and migratory birds. The deciduous forests, lake palaces, chhatris and fort make it complete and unique sanctuary.

Keoladeo National Park:
Welcome to the world of feathers where nearly 375 species of birds await you with open arms. The birds include spanish sparrow, coot snipes, red crested porhard, rosy pelican and flamingo. The prize attraction of the park is the arrival of rare Siberian Crane besides a sizeable number of pythons, spotted deer's, sambhars and other animals.

Gir National Park:
Wildlife in IndiaThe Gir National Park is where the last surviving population of the Asiatic lion is to be found and the Little Rann of Kutch, the home of the Indian wild ass. Located in the South west of the Saurashtra Peninsula, the Gir National Park is a haven to about 300 Asiatic lions. The 1,412.14 sq. km. Park has a rugged terrain and the steep rocky hillsides are recovered in mixed deciduous forests. There are teak, ber, flame of the forest and banyan trees. Gir has also nearly 210 leopards and numerous chital, nilgai, chinkara, the four horned antelope and wild boar.

Wildlife Scenturies in India
The Indian wildlife heritage has a unique status worldwide. It has the second largest base of bio diversity in the world, with 441 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 80 National Parks, which have become destinations for visitors from all around the world. Accounts of man-eaters of Kumaon and other wildlife encountered by Jim Corbett, are fascinating and true, and just a glimpse of many other mysteries and delights of the Indian wildlife that is housed in the sanctuaries around the country.

Bird Watching In India
Wildlife in India Birds have a special charm and endearing traits that can delight any heart. A flutter of their wings, and they are gracefully airborne, soaring high in the skies without a care in the world. And for those who have a fascination for our feathered friends, India provides unique bird watching opportunities in its numerous game reserves and sanctuaries spread across its territory. There are more than 2000 species of birds in the vast Indian sub-continent, and each one of them is as fascinating as the other.

Some of the most prominent bird sanctuaries in India where a large variety of birds can be observed are the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary that is part of Project Tiger, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and the Corbett National Park. Here you can observe innumerable birds in their natural habitat, delight in their quaint habits and marvel at the will and steely determination in their tiny souls.

Wildlife Vacations

Vacations in India
Vacations in India
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Vacations in India

Vacations in India
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Vacations in India


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