Rajasthan Vacations - A vacation in Rajasthan through Vacations India is like no other vacation in any corner of the world. Rajasthan offers a wide array of travel destinations.
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Rajasthan - the Land of Kings, is a majestic tapestry of camels plodding over soft sand dunes of the Thar Desert. It is a kaleidoscope of brightly turbaned men with proud mustaches and women with twinkling anklets in colorful swirling ghagras. The landscape is dotted with island palaces shimmering on idyllic blue lakes; temples and fortresses situated on hilltops of the rugged and rocky Aravalli.
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AyurvedaThe Land of Romance and Chivalery

The magical land set amidst the desolate desert beauty. The land synonymous with romance and chivalry. Immensely rich in culture, history and natural beauty. That's is Rajasthan. Always temming with colour, joy, and friendliness that's unique to this part of the country. Everything about Rajasthan fascinates - from miles of golden stretches of sand to the kaleidoscope of magnificent forts, opulent palaces and marvellous havellis , each a splendid architectural creation having a legend of its own. The beautiful laid out gardens and lakes contrasting perfectly with the hilly ranges are a sight to the gladden eyes.

Rajasthan is a land where the vagaries of nature have settled to co-exist with the good cheer of its people. The architectural grandeur of royalty and the tales of valour and chivalry are the essence of its very spirit. The mountainous Aravalis and Vindhyas on the one hand and the desert landscape on the other form a contrast which blends perfectly with the history of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is a destination that enchants the visitor with every little discovery that is made, because the more one discovers, the more is the urge is to stay on or come back.

Fairs and Festivals

FestivalsThe Spirit of Celebration
The Rajashthani's love for colour and joyous celebrations is proved by the elaborate rituals and the gay abandon with which he surrenders himself to the numerous fairs and festivals of the region. In addition to the festivals celebrated by the Hindus, Muslims and others, there are also the traditional fairs.

There are animal fairs, there are religious fairs and there are fairs to mark the changing seasons. In fact, celebrations occur almost round the year and are a splendid opportunity for the visitor to gain an insight into the life of the Rajasthan. Other than the traditional fairs, recently established festivals that involve elephants, camel races, dance and music have been specially organized for the tourists. Among the better known fairs of Rajasthan are :Nagaur fair, Desert Festival, Gangaur, Summer Festival, Nagaur fair and lot more.

Architecture Heritage

RajasthanForts and Palaces of Rajasthan
What is there in Rajasthan if not its forts and palaces that together give the image that Rajasthan is famous for. Built over the hilltops, in the middle of enormous deserts and inside the wild world, these forts and palaces also showcases close association between the men and their close possessions. Surprises are the second name of these architectural marvels spread throughout the land of Rajasthan.

Make sure while you are a journey to the eternal land of Rajasthan to stay in any of these forts and palaces, as many of these places are again regaining their past glory. Popularly known as the Heritage Hotels, these places are the blend of royal past and modern world. The most popular of these forts are Amber palace, City palace - Jaipur, City palace - Udaipur, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Mehrangarh fort, Chittaurgarh fort, Junagarh, Kotah fort, Kumbhalgarh fort.

ArtArt and Culture
In Rajasthan, the spectacular is commonplace. Many civilizations forged by waves of settlers ranging from ancient Indus Valley urbanites to pastoral Aryan herdsmen that have all shaped this region called the land of kings. Colorful costumes, festivals and customs relieve the tedium of coping with a harsh, demanding land. Discover it all in the fairs and festivals like Pushkar and Desert Festival.

Dances and Music
The desert landscape of Rajasthan certainly does not inspire colorful and lively images. But it is because of the sheer festive spirit of the people, imagination of a colorless and dull lifestyle is often proved wrong. Yes! The Thar, and with it, all of Rajasthan, is known as the most colorful desert in the world. Fairs & Festivals, lilting music, lively dances and the dazzling attire of the people punctuate its barrenness, turning the land into a fertile basin of color and creativity.

Encompassing the spirit of the Thar Desert, Rajasthan has been a haven of various folk art forms. Vibrant, vigorous and graceful, the dances of Rajasthan evoke the desert in all its moods. The dances, found in limitless variations in Rajasthan, punctuate its barrenness, turning the land into a fertile basin of color and creativity and are an expression of human emotion as much as the folk music. Rajasthan popular dance include Bhavi, Chari, Gair, Ghoomar, Kalbeliyas, Kathputli and Terathtalli.

Colorful Rajasthan

Duration : 9 Nights / 10 Days
Places Covered : Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Pushkar - Kishangrah - Delhi

Rural and Rustic Rajasthan Tour

Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Days
Places Covered : Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Udaipur - Ranakpur - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer - Bikaner - Mandawa - Delhi

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Duration : 10 Days
Attractions : Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Delhi

North India Vacations

Duration : 12 Nights / 13 Days
Places Covered : Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Delhi


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