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The temples of Khaujraho are India's unique gift to the world, representing as they do a paean to life, to love , to joy ; perfect in execution and sublime in expression. Life, in every form and mood, has been captured in stone, testifying to the craftsman's artistry and extraordinary vision of the Chandela Rajputs. The temples of Khaujraho are still constituting one of the world's greatest artistic wonders.
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KhajurahoKhaujraho Temples - India's Biggest Single Tourist Attraction.

There are few things in the world which are beyond compare and certain things that inspired human emotions to give an outlet to his spirtual and physical love. The erotic images of Khajuraho are the expressions of these human inner felling . Every facade-wall, window, pillar, and ceiling of Khajuraho is carved with figures of mythical and historical origins, and while many of these depict the innocent form of love on these walls. Forgotten and unvisited until the mid-1960s, Khajuraho is now, after the Taj , India's biggest single tourist attraction.

The Beauty of the Temples
The temples of Khajuraho are an enigma for art historians. The contradiction is created by the fact that these temples, despite being places of worship, are adorned with explicit sculptures. The architectural harmony and beauty of the Khajuraho temples are unlike any other in the country. The tranquil town of Khajuraho, boasts of the best medieval temples in India, known all over the world for their sculptures. These glorious temples are the state's most famous attraction. The temples were restored and attract visitors from all over the world. The sculptures include statues of gods and goddesses, warriors, celestial dancers and animals.

Purposeful ArtPurposeful Art of Khajuraho
Indian erotic art is dedicated to the senses, not the mind. It utilizes sensation as a way of teasing the mind out of thought and taking it to the bliss that lies beyond. This inner bliss is called 'rasa', which means "Sap" or "essence," and is the legitimate goal of all artistic or spiritual endeavors according to the ancient treatises on esthetics. The senses must be so refined as to lead the mind to a state of pure feeling, which is beyond the individual ego and the constructions of time. Erotic art uses the sensual as a path to the spiritual.

Sex is a divine ritual to this end. As the expression of some of our most intense physical and emotional feelings, sexual love is an obvious path to divine awareness. Such an attitude is not exclusively Indian, of course. The Christian marriage service is talking about the same thing when the groom says to the bride. "With my body I thee worship."

Khajuraho Excursions
The temples of Khajuraho are undoubtedly masterpieces and a great work of art. But they are not the only attractions around Khajuraho. There are other attractions around that should also not be missed.

Panna National Park Panna National Park, Khajuraho
Panna National Park, a mere 30-minute drive away from Khajuraho is a magnificent one. Deep gorges, tranquil valley and dense teak forests combined with the rich flora and fauna make a visit to the Park a memorable one. The jungle today is a home to the variety of species of wildlife such as the Leopard, Wolf and Gharial.

Dhubela Museum
57 kms. on the Jhansi-Kajuhrao road is located an old fort which houses a rare collection of artifacts depicting the heritage of Bundelkhand. This museum houses a wide variety of Shakti Cult sculptures and other sections on garments, weapons and paintings.

Pandava Waterfall
On the Ken River is Pandava Waterfall, 30 km from Khajuraho. It is believed that the Pandavas spent a good part of their exile here. Another waterfall, the Ranch, is situated at a distance of 25 km from the Pandava Waterfall.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary
This is a natural home of the long-snouted variety of crocodiles, 24 kms. from the temples.

Khajuraho Dance FestivalKhajuraho Dance Festival
Khajuraho Dance Festival is held every spring in the town of Khajuraho in order to celebrate the glory of the temples. It is believed that classical dance basically comes from the Hindu temples and attained it's maturity. This Festival is a cultural festival for the celebration of the Indian arts- dance and music handling down from generation to generation. The Khajuraho Festival of Dances shows the best classical dancers and dances in the country.

The main idea behind Khajuraho Dance Festival is to make the cultural heritage of Khajuraho relevant to the present society and preserving it for the coming generation. On this occasion a number of renowned artists and craftsmen participates in the workshop and seminar and present their art to the numerous visitors and tourist. And during this seven days festival, there is also a market in an open field where the visitors can get the entire local made articles of Khajuraho. This festival is known not only in our country but also to the outside world at large.

Khajuraho vacation

Vacations in India
Vacations in India
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Vacations in India
Vacations in India


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