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Ecotourism Vacations - The newest vacation option on the holiday circuit offers an unmatched experience to the holiday makers.
Ecotourism VacationsEcotourism VacationsEcotourism Vacations
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Ecotourism Vacations - Ecotourism provides you an opportunity to build aquaintance with the locals in their back yard. Find out what the people of lesser places are like and their lifestyles. Nature vacations best describe Ecotourism vacations.
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About Eco-tourism

Tourist Numerous antithetic types of definitions of ecotourism exist, however the most widely accepted one by The International Ecotourism Society states ecotourism as "Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local people".

According to the above definition, ecotourism teaches or informs a traveler to act responsibly in all aspects of the holiday in order to ensure minimum impact on the environment and the local community. Being an eco tourist lays an additional responsibility on you. Ensure minimum negative impact on the environment, local community and the economy of the place you are visiting. Follow these guidelines before, during and after your visit to be labeled as a responsible traveler:

  • Choose your tour operator after verifying their eco principles and practices.
  • Be thorough with various aspects of your destination including the history, culture and customs, language etc. Guidebooks and travel articles can be of much help
  • Respect the local culture. Wear clothes that are widely accepted and take permission from the locals before photographing them.
  • Use local transport, inns, restaurants etc. to benefit the local people and economy.
  • Do not buy animal products while traveling and try not to cause any harm to the ecological system by removing any objects, plant or animal, from nature.
  • Conserve natural resources as water and food especially when visiting less privileged countries.
  • After you come back, continue your quest to preserve the environment. Join an organization and put in your sincere efforts to support them.
Birdwatching and Hiking

Hiking and bird watching is eco-tourism at its very best. Traveling in tune with nature and making sincere efforts to safeguard the environment for locals and future visitors to the area. India has a set of fabulous locales that are exciting to explore on foot with the assistance of a trained guide...the perfect environs for a birdwatching vacation. Trekking through the jungles in India is a perfect way to observe the abundance of flora, fauna and the multi colored avian metropolis filling the wilderness with their melodious twittering. If you are game enough, try hiking up the mighty Himalayas to be introduced to the plethora of myriad amusing features lying nestled in the foothills of the mighty mountain ranges or if you prefer a faster walk with your binoculars in hand observing the bounty of nature...then head straight to the plains of north India.


Birdwatching in  Kanha national parkThe best way to capture memories and preserve them for a lifetime is to give it the shape of a photograph. Moreover, it is an excellent way to add on to your precious memorabilia and freeze them for the future generations to watch and admire.

Responsible photography is much like responsible travel, involving a thorough knowledge of the place, a genuine concern of sharing, an open mind. Photography like travel can be an excellent way of building bridges between people and communities.

A few recommendations from our side is sure to further enhance your entire experience.

  • Respect others privacy. If someone objects to being photographed, do not argue or question their decision.
  • A thorough research about the place being visited entailing the major attractions, customs and culture etc. can be of much help.
  • Always check for photography restricted areas before proceeding for the action, to avoid landing in trouble.
  • Local festivals or marriage celebrations provide excellent shots that rival even those of professionals.
  • If a person suddenly runs up to you and demands to be photographed, check before hand if he is doing it for money.
  • Get acquaint with your camera and know all its features before leaving for a holiday.
  • Showing people what you've just photographed can be a good way of getting along with the locals.
  • Respect people abroad the same way as you would do in your home country.
We at vacation-india understand nature and follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that your travel to India becomes meaningful and nature friendly. Come with us on a memorable eco-tourism vacation to take back amazing lores and memories for a lifetime.

Ecotourism Vacations

Vacations in India
Vacations in India
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Duration : 9 Nights / 10 Days
Places Covered : Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Pushkar - Kishangrah - Delhi
Vacations in India


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